Position Sports is a national sports marketing firm based in Phoenix, Arizona that specializes in corporate branding, media relations, marketing, consulting and event operations. Over the years, our staff has worked with many of the world’s leading brands including NIKE, Jordan Brand, the Basketball Hall of Fame, Burger King, USA Basketball, Powerade, Gatorade, McDonald’s, 2K Sports, Boost Mobile, Foot Locker, Upper Deck and Coca-Cola. Our expertise — marketing, brand management and media relations –- is critical to building brand awareness, also known as Positioning.

Position Sports provides its athletes and corporate clients with an expanded strategic direction needed to succeed in the sports marketing arena. Athletes have the advantage of utilizing the company’s public relations and marketing expertise, as well as our ties to potential endorsers. Position Sports also produces events for its athlete clients such as summer basketball camps, community outreach events and golf tournaments. Corporate clients have full-service planning for almost every aspect of an event, from television production to sponsorships to marketing. We are dedicated to providing the personal touch that is necessary for athletes and corporate brands to break out of the mold to Position themselves as leaders – on and off the playing surface. Since its inception in 2005, Position Sports has reached around the world producing events in Italy, Greece, Lithuania, England, Turkey and in almost every major city in the United States.

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